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Welcome to the site of the 16th special operations fleet!

The fleet was created on stardate 87777.73 with Jeb as first commanding officer. Our goal is to carry on starfleet orders by doing explorations, diplomatic missions and if needed combats.
The galaxy is in turmoil with battling Klingons, restless Romulans, pirates trying to get some profit out of it and last but not least the borg threat. 
In this troubled time, every tactical, scientists, engineers can be called on special missions to preserve the United Federation of Planets and restore some peace.

16th Special Operations Fleet is currently filling the roster.

All ranks and time zones are welcome! Register and post your story in forum to join

By special orders of Starfleet, the fleet needs to create a raid task force. If you're an experienced officer willing to build, train and lead it, join us.
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ED 2011

Auzril, Jan 8, 11 4:54 AM.
Happy new year everyone!


Auzril, Nov 25, 10 5:13 PM.
Time to warp to Tribble captains....

Nice new features to test

Top secret

Auzril, Oct 22, 10 5:24 PM.
To all vessels of the fleet!

A new threat is arising in Eta Eridani're needed!

Officers exchange program with Breens

Auzril, Oct 4, 10 1:12 PM.
Incoming transmission on secure channel.......

From the Federation diplomatic corps..... To all vessels of the 16th special operations fleet....

We are pleased to announce the beginning of a new exchange program with the Breens as a result of our continuing diplomatic efforts in the Orellius sector. Unfortunatly this will last for a limited period of time since Starfleet can't maintain a heavy presence in this sector. This exchange program will come to an end on earth date october 14th. All captains are invited to help the Deferi before this date.

End of transmission

Aid the Deferi

Auzril, Sep 1, 10 2:47 PM.
By special orders of Starfleet, all available ships are sent to the Orellius sector to assist the Deferi against the Breens. Since Breens managed to destroy starfleet headquarter in the past, proceed with extreme caution...

Archeologists reports some very interesting ruins on Defera that are worth to study. They're talking about some puzzles that need to be solved during a mission on this planet! Your science officers should be thrilled!

Don't forget to wear hat and mitten....Breens are freezing....
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